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Commercial awareness is at the very basis of everything we do with our commercial clients.  Insolvency is one of our key areas of interest.

We work in a way that is empathetic and supportive, whilst at the same time, giving you the facts that you need to hear.  You won’t be paying us to brush realities under the carpet.  You need to know where you stand and what your options are.

Are you being pursued by creditors?  We’ll help you to be clear about your options – whether you should opt for bankruptcy or an independent ‘IVA’ (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

Or perhaps you’re facing prohibition as a director?  In which case, we have the know-how to make sure your position is as favourable as it can be.

We offer advice on all aspects of Insolvency including –

  • Bankruptcy
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Company Insolvency Proceedings
  • Liquidation or Winding Up
  • Dissolution
  • Insolvency in Partnerships

Business Owners

  • Advice on the available options if your business is facing financial difficulty
  • Solvent restructures and reorganisations
  • Partnership insolvencies
  • Restructuring a business, or part of a group of businesses
  • Pension scheme deficits
  • Director disqualification

Insolvency Practitioners

  • Advice on property and other asset realisations, including disputed claims.
  • Sale of assets – including disputed claims
  • Contentious matters
  • Asset tracing

Getting prompt advice from experts is vital when it comes to insolvency matters. At Green & Olive, we offer a 15-minute consultation completely free of charge. We can discuss the situation with you and offer the most appropriate advice based on your specific circumstances.

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